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We come in all shapes and sizes but we have one thing in common...

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We want to age young.  That means staying mobile and pain-free with a clear mind.

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I believe we have the power to direct how we age by what we do and how we behave.

We are all different and our journeys varied, but if you have landed here chances are you want to make the best of the second half of your life.

I'm not a healthcare professional but I am someone passionate about researching what is possible to make the most out of the next chapter.

I use social media to share what I know and what I am trying myself in hopes that I will spark some interest in you so you can design your journey into your future.




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We are all different but as we age there are some basic things that we can do that will impact the quality of our life going forward.

These things are not hard, but now more than ever it's important to put ourselves at the top of the care list.
I believe there are four areas that need special attention in the next 40 years.

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There have been so many advancements in medicine and research that what we are reading today about longevity is old information.

What your GP is telling you is old information and many have not stayed abreast of emerging treatments and research.

I believe we have to be our own advocates and stand up for what is good for us long term.

I plan to live a long, active, and mobile life but that will not happen automatically. 

This is my new full-time job and I have to learn to take as much care of ME as I would that expensive item that I cherish.


After all... if we don't who will?

Senior Book Club

It's time for us to focus on
Optimal Aging!

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